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What is the meaning of facultative in Hindi?

Meaning of facultative in Hindi is : वैकल्पिक

Definition of word facultative

  • Of or relating to faculty, especially to mental faculty (adjective)
  • Not obligate; optional, discretionary or elective (adjective)
  • That grants permission or power to do something (adjective)
  • Able to grow in or outside of a host or host cell (adjective)

Examples of word facultative

  • The Turkish children featured in the documentary show what I'd call facultative quadrupedalism; they walk on all fours out of necessity.
  • Most of the bacteria which produce disease are facultative, that is, they grow either with or without oxygen; but certain of them, as the bacillus of tetanus, are anaërobic.
  • In some cantons the referendum is obligatory, in others it is "facultative," or optional.
  • I don't know if it's more to do with me (that is, if I express emotion differently in one language more than the other, that is, if English is my critical/facultative language and Spanish my emotional language) or the fact of Spanish being one of those languages with a formal (usted) and informal (tu) second person.
  • However, the increased estuarine production discussed previously will possibly offset any tendency to reduce facultative anadromy in response to increased freshwater production.


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