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What is the meaning of faculty in Hindi?

Meaning of faculty in Hindi is : स‌ंकाय

Definition of word faculty

  • The scholarly staff at colleges or universities, as opposed to the students or support staff. (noun)
  • A division of a university (e.g. a Faculty of Science or Faculty of Medicine). (noun)
  • An ability, skill, or power. (noun)

Examples of word faculty

  • The term faculty was used at first to designate a specific field of knowledge; but in 1255 we find the Masters at Paris using the term in the modern meaning of
  • The health and safety head in our faculty is awesome, if a little over-enthusiastic.
  • The first taught the legal and business aspects of running a dispensary and, because the faculty is active in the cannabusiness, emphasized such practical concerns as not getting robbed (keep your stash in a gun safe) and not getting busted (exude good corporate citizenship — incorporate, pay your taxes, join the Chamber of Commerce; Duncan won over suspicious neighbors by cleaning up all the dog poop on the block).
  • His extramarital love affairs seem to have been Platonic; and although he once spoke of the “brutal sensuality”which “leads me so close to the greatest sins,” he placed what he called his faculty for “depraved fantasy” in the servicenot of love but of power.
  • Carlyle, in the first of his two essays on Richter (1827), expressly distinguishes true humour from irony, which he describes as a faculty of caricature, consisting "chiefly in a certain superficial distortion or reversal of objects" -- the method of


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