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What is the meaning of faiblesse in Hindi?

Meaning of faiblesse in Hindi is :

Definition of word faiblesse

Examples of word faiblesse

  • She had all of philosophy, save its moroseness, and all of nature, save its defects and general 'faiblesse'; or if some portion of 'faiblesse' attached to her, it only served to render her more forbearing to the errors of others.
  • Increasingly dependent on oil revenues and Kremlin military aid to finance public safety programs that mediate the relative deprivation caused by the faiblesse of the Bolivarian economic model Venezuela could fall deeper into recession with the same rationing and food riots that brought Chavez to power now putting his leadership at risk.
  • Ben Bernanke a aussi mis en garde contre la faiblesse intrinsèque du système financier.
  • J'ai hesité a lui dire que je serai ravi de l'accueillir chez moi parce que j'avais peur de passer pour un loup qui profite de la faiblesse de sa rpoie pour la manger.
  • Sueur excessive tremblement faiblesse des jambes et de la nuque vertiges.


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