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What is the meaning of fair sized in Hindi?

Meaning of fair sized in Hindi is :

Definition of word fair sized

Examples of word fair sized

  • It was a fairsized coach-stop with an inn, fortunately.
  • Not the lithe slender, not the broad roundish near the lithe slender, not the fairsized fullfeatured to the leeward of the broad roundish but, indeed and inneed, the curling, perfect-portioned, flowerfleckled, shapely highhued, delicate features swaying to the windward of the fairsized fullfeatured.
  • It was perfectly still and presently the moon grew bright; if you had been there you would have seen the moonlight shining on an old tree-stump and on a fairsized boulder.
  • Long distance lines up to 1900 demanded wire about one-eighth of an inch thick -- as thick as a fairsized lead pencil; and, for this reason, the New York-Chicago line, built in 1893, consumed 870,000 pounds of copper wire of this size.
  • "Here she comes!" he breathed, and the heavy door was open, revealing the usual interior, with ledgers, and a fairsized steel money-vault, which also came open a moment later.


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