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What is the meaning of falciform in Hindi?

Meaning of falciform in Hindi is : हँसुए के आकार का

Definition of word falciform

  • Sickle-shaped. (adjective)

Examples of word falciform

  • These lobes are separated by a smooth membrane called the falciform ligament.
  • A double falciform ejection of water vapour from under the kettlelid at both sides simultaneously.
  • "My own observations of the subject have led me to refer the cause of stricture to the thin posterior border (Gimbernat's ligament) of the crural arch, at the part where it is connected to the falciform process."
  • The part which occupies the canal is also very much compressed; and again, where the hernia turns over the falciform process, this structure likewise must cause considerable compression on the bowel in the sac.
  • The femoral vein, O, Plate 30, is separated from the falciform margin, S s, of the saphenous opening by one of these septa.


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