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What is the meaning of falk in Hindi?

Meaning of falk in Hindi is :

Definition of word falk

  • The razorbill. (noun)

Examples of word falk

  • The point An American made yesterday about the problem of apparent mass hysteria and Obama worship was much more rational and substantial. alan falk in Raleigh, NC, USA
  • He falks like a Vespa with a tank of bad gas.: forms of conjugation: falk, falked, falking; noun form: falker posted by Cooper Renner in grammar, language | * | 9 comments comments
  • Richard Falk has made a career out of making outlandish claims, the UN and falk are natural bedfellows. field
  • I am a stronger person for what i have been through but nobody wants to be ridiculed, accused of incest and have people chase you with scissors, offering to do the operation for you. mike falk
  • "The falk-horn and woodwinds would not be so affected either, " mused Palian.


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