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What is the meaning of fallacious in Hindi?

Meaning of fallacious in Hindi is : हेत्वाभासयुक्त

Definition of word fallacious

  • Characterized by fallacy; false or mistaken. (adjective)
  • Deceptive or misleading. (adjective)

Examples of word fallacious

    • Nope, one-liners that are fallacious is the best you can muster I suppose.
    • And conveniently forgotten in fallacious references to a cycle of violence is that — following from their oft-stated call for the destruction of Israel — Hamas, Hezbollah (which is more or less an Iranian expeditionary force), Iran itself, and the Arab confrontation states are the parties that want to change the status quo, by violence and by their own flamboyant admission.
    • Does he not on the contrary feel a freedom of will within him, which, though you may call it fallacious, still actuates him as he decides?
    • A few months before this time, he would have scorned the idea of concealing any part of his conduct, any one of his actions, from his best friend, Mr Percival; but his pride now reconciled him to the meanness of concealment; and here, the acuteness of him feelings was to his own mind an excuse for dissimulation: so fallacious is moral instinct, unenlightened or uncontrolled by reason and religion.
    • About “one-way hash” arguments, there are certain fallacious arguments which look hard to debunk on first sight, but aren’t actually so.


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