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What is the meaning of falsify in Hindi?

Meaning of falsify in Hindi is : हेरफेर करना

Definition of word falsify

  • To alter so as to be false; to make incorrect. (verb)
  • To misrepresent. (verb)
  • To prove to be false. (verb)

Examples of word falsify

  • Also, as pointed out before, if we are able to find an object of sufficient mass within the Schwarzschild radius, which normally would continue to collapse into a gravitational singularity (Black Hole) but has not, that would disprove the theory of Black holes right there, or in other words falsify them.
  • Instead, he argues that the logic of scientific research is a critical method in which scientists do their best to "falsify" their hypotheses and theories.
  • It looks like you have addressed T&G's main arguments (eg, about the 2nd law), but I wonder if it might be appropriate to put in a brief description of what it means to "falsify" something in the scientific sense -- ie, essentially what T&G must show (and failed to show) to make their case that there is no greenhouse effect:
  • I didn't use the word "falsify", I used the word "disconfirming" … they are not necessarily the same thing.
  • If these 'actions' please them, the investigating officers would then "falsify" their investigation results all the way up to make our unit look good.


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