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What is the meaning of fame in Hindi?

Meaning of fame in Hindi is : सुकीर्ति

Definition of word fame

  • What is said or reported; gossip, rumour. (noun)
  • The state of being famous or well-known and spoken of. (noun)
  • to make (someone or something) famous (verb)

Examples of word fame

  • Whatever is enclosed within marks of parenthesis is also independent of the rest of the sentence; as, I stake my fame (_and I had fame_), my heart, my hope, my soul, upon this cast.
  • For rumour [the Greek pheme, via fama in Latin, gives us our word fame] is an evil thing; by nature she's a light weight to lift up, yes, but heavy to carry and hard to put down again.
  • Must be real career boost when your main claim to fame is to be able to mock someone.
  • His other claim to fame is to have steered the Orwellian Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill onto the Statute Book, a bill that would, in its unamended state, have allowed the Government to make laws without having to bother with the tedious business of Parliament approval.
  • I am going to make you famous, not that your fame is any less without my help.


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