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What is the meaning of familiar in Hindi?

Meaning of familiar in Hindi is : हिला मिला

Definition of word familiar

  • Known to one. (adjective)
  • Acquainted. (adjective)
  • Intimate or friendly. (adjective)
  • Inappropriately intimate or friendly. (adjective)
  • Of or pertaining to a family; familial. (adjective)
  • A member of one's family or household. (noun)
  • A close friend. (noun)
  • An attendant spirit often in animal form. (noun)

Examples of word familiar

  • Walker first became a name familiar to the public when she starred in the TV series Profiler.
  • However, 'blog implies that the user is certainly familiar with the term familiar enough to know it is derived from weblog or web log, but you never see 'b'log, do you? but feels some sort of anachronistic pull to demean the word with unnecessary punctuation; to say it can't stand on its own.
  • "He didn't invent 'method acting' (Stanislavsky did), but he made the term familiar around the world, revolutionizing the actor's art with his natural, tortured and spontaneous early performances," Seiler says.
  • Seated at the head of the table the chief, or, in his absence, a representative, made the opening speech -- the address of welcome, to use the term familiar to ourselves.
  • Also featuring in Group C will be a name familiar to many New York basketball fans.


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