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What is the meaning of familiarization in Hindi?

Meaning of familiarization in Hindi is : अभिज्ञता

Definition of word familiarization

  • The act, process or result of familiarizing (noun)

Examples of word familiarization

  • Today, captains often only have the opportunity for a so-called familiarization flight.
  • Clinton's first to Israel and the Palestinian areas since she was appointed Washington's top diplomat, is widely seen as a "familiarization" visit.
  • As Boy Scout marksmanship programs disappear, and marksmanship training withers in our schools due to withering budgets and increasing pressure of potential liability, that spiral will continue among the young who would otherwise be exposed to proper training and familiarization with basic marksmanship.
  • We have the most controversial person ever to be handed the presidency, and he's made it his personal quest to be in the news daily, per Alinsky's "brand familiarization," tactic .... and when he acts, he's continually placed the country deeper and deeper into grave danger of economic, social and military collapse.
  • NOT* Addendum: I used a 1911A1 in Viet Nam to good advantage, later before I retired The DOD in it's "wisdom" decided to go with 9mm and I fired one for familiarization I immediately PURCHASE a 1911 just in case I needed it.


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