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What is the meaning of fanciful in Hindi?

Meaning of fanciful in Hindi is : विलक्षण

Definition of word fanciful

  • imaginative or fantastic; unreal or imagined (adjective)

Examples of word fanciful

  • Or a place in which the fanciful is allowed to commingle with reality.
  • And she saw that Pitt, while he was enthusiastic and eager, and what she called fanciful, always was true, honest, and firm in what he thought right.
  • My husband was no believer in what he termed my fanciful, speculative theories; yet at the time when his youngest boy and myself lay dangerously ill, and hardly expected to live, I received from him a letter, written in great haste, which commenced with this sentence:
  • I have to admit that I like certain fanciful ideas, and some of these I sort of entertain with just a little more than fictive suspension of disbelief for the sake of a good story, despite their being rather more mystical than my materialist instincts.
  • Industrial parks surrounding Hermosillo contain fanciful buildings that feature companies like this Mattel assembly plant.


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