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What is the meaning of fancy in Hindi?

Meaning of fancy in Hindi is : सोचना

Definition of word fancy

  • The imagination; an imagined image. (noun)
  • A whim. (noun)
  • Love or amorous attachment. (noun)
  • Any sport or hobby pursued by a group. (noun)
  • The enthusiasts of such a pursuit. (noun)
  • A diamond with a distinctive colour. (noun)
  • Decorative. (adjective)
  • Of a superior grade. (adjective)
  • Executed with skill. (adjective)
  • Unnecessarily complicated. (adjective)
  • To appreciate without jealousy or greed. (verb)
  • would like (verb)
  • To be sexually attracted to. (verb)
  • To imagine, suppose. (verb)

Examples of word fancy

  • What the Chinese eat is a mystery, and such queer compounds enter into their _menu_ that I would give everybody who dines with a Chinaman this advice -- don't enquire too minutely into what is placed before you, or you will eat nothing, and so offend your host; bolt it and fancy it is something nice -- and _fancy_ goes for something at times, I can assure you.
  • IV. iv.493 (354,2) [and by my fancy] It must be remembered that _fancy_ in this author very often, as in this place, means _love_.
  • I did not use the term fancy doctor to be sarcastic.
  • But the Greeks call it fancy, which signifies appearance, and is as proper to one sense as to another.
  • But let me tell you that what you call a fancy has been anything but a fancy with me, to be over like a spring shower.


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