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What is the meaning of far in Hindi?

Meaning of far in Hindi is : बढ़कर

Definition of word far

  • Remote in space. (adjective)
  • Remote in time. (adjective)
  • Long. (adjective)
  • More remote or longer of two. (adjective)
  • Extreme. (adjective)
  • Outside the currently selected segment in a segmented memory architecture. (adjective)
  • Distant in space, time or degree. (adverb)
  • To or from a great distance, time, or degree. (adverb)
  • Very much. (adverb)
  • spelt (type of wheat) (noun)

Examples of word far

  • Students after that age are far *far* better able to take responsibility and control of their own educations and lives.
  • I can't remember who pointed out in a livejournal discussion, but that's all I recall that these days the average 20-year-old man has seen far, *far* more women in porn than he has seen naked women in real life.
  • Personality cults weird me out far *far* more than religious ones.
  • That you want it to be harsher and more defined and far *far* less squishy.
  • No matter how far apart the suns are -- and Father explained to me one day that they are _far_ -- you can go between them faster than you can blink, as long as there's a gatestation at each end.


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