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What is the meaning of farmer in Hindi?

Meaning of farmer in Hindi is : जोतने वाला

Definition of word farmer

  • A person who works the land or who keeps livestock, especially on a farm. (noun)
  • Agent noun of farm; someone or something that farms. (noun)

Examples of word farmer

    • The - er of farmer does not quite say “one who (farms) ” it merely indicates that the sort of person we call a “farmer” is closely enough associated with activity on a farm to be conventionally thought of as always so occupied.
    • «the» or «a»_; thus _«agricola»_ may mean _the farmer, a farmer_, or simply _farmer_.
    • When your farmer is a couple of thousand miles away, that 3rd party certification has a place.
    • People say, "Your farmer is an individualist; he will never co-operate", just as used to be said of the Anglo-Saxons, "They won't co-operate."
    • Note 12: My use of "farmer" is an interpretation of Casson's use of "tillers of the soil," which is his translation of oratoi, a word that has been previously translated as "pirates."


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