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What is the meaning of farming in Hindi?

Meaning of farming in Hindi is : खेती

Definition of word farming

  • The business of cultivating land, raising stocks etc. (noun)
  • Pertaining to the agricultural business. (adjective)
  • Raising livestock or fish. (adjective)
  • Present participle of farm. (verb)

Examples of word farming

  • Raisin farming is the single most labor-intensive activity in North America.
  • Court documents say the group also used the term "farming" as code for terrorist attacks.
  • Tuna farming is an established industry in Baja California, and is one of the fastest growing forms of aquaculture in the world today.
  • Along the West Coast, Japanese immigrants had found the small niches, especially in farming, that white Americans had not exploited and become successful at them -- for instance, strawberry farming, which is extremely labor-intensive.
  • Nikolai Petrovich told various anecdotes about what he called his farming career, talked about the forthcoming government measures, about committees, deputations, the need to introduce new machinery, etc.


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