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What is the meaning of farrow in Hindi?

Meaning of farrow in Hindi is : सुअर की झल

Definition of word farrow

  • A litter of piglets. (noun)
  • To give birth to a (litter of piglets). (verb)
  • Not pregnant; not producing young (not calving) in a given season or year; barren. (adjective)

Examples of word farrow

  • His earlier description of Ireland, "the old sow that eats her farrow," is acted out in the Circe's disorderly house, where men are figuratively turned into swine.
  • In my book Animal Factory, I write about how farmers in Sweden have developed humane ways for pregnant sows to gestate and "farrow" -- or give birth and nurse their young.
  • Director Roman Polanski hit the zietgeist with this psychological horror classic, in which Mia farrow gives birth to the spawn of Satan.
  • With Sy being a vegetarian and Howard Jewish, the pig was sure to live a long life unlike his farrow.
  • I remember as kid eating farrow porridge for breakfast.. and I got some spelt berries and cooked them and was like..


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