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What is the meaning of fascimile in Hindi?

Meaning of fascimile in Hindi is : प्रतिकृति

Definition of word fascimile

Examples of word fascimile

  • I have deliberately skipped the invention of the telegraph, in part because of its limited social effect and the fact that it was supplanted rather early on by wireless telegraphy, and then radio, by the late 1800's, though it should be noted that telegraphy was a key factor in the development of some contemporary communication systems, such as fascimile
  • For the first portion of his rookie season, Atilano provided the Nationals a reasonable fascimile of Jason Marquis, the starter he replaced.
  • No worries, the wingnuts will soon have "evidence" — well, maybe not evidence exactly, but a close fascimile thereof — that John Kerry and your reporters don't actually exist.
  • They call themselves the Flying Maciste Brothers, and they have devoted their adult lives to examining those quick instances where a stuntman is replaced with a disposable doppelganger; the moment when the baton of existence is passed from human actor to inert fascimile.
  • Any more recent Penn grads out there that can tell us if the truck is still there, or a reasonable fascimile?


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