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What is the meaning of fastidious in Hindi?

Meaning of fastidious in Hindi is : नकचढ़ी

Definition of word fastidious

  • Excessively particular, demanding, or fussy about details, especially about tidiness and cleanliness. (adjective)
  • Difficult to please; quick to find fault. (adjective)

Examples of word fastidious

    • He stopped to wait for the prisoners to pass, his expression fastidious and filled with contempt.
    • Ward had certain fastidious instincts, and he rebelled inwardly at eating, sleeping, and cooking all in one small room.
    • His palate is tender, and, in one sense, might be called fastidious; nothing is more sensitive or more easily shocked.
    • Aware of their importance to herself, she carefully cherished, but never made them subjects of conversation, nor gave the world an opportunity of censuring what they would have termed her fastidious notions; her religious opinions were never obtruded upon slight acquaintance, and it was only her more particular friends who, beside her family, could form any judgment of her principles, save from her moral conduct.
    • They are called fastidious and I think their problems have something to do with ASD.


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