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What is the meaning of fateful in Hindi?

Meaning of fateful in Hindi is : विनाशक

Definition of word fateful

  • Momentous, significant, setting or sealing ones fate. (adjective)
  • Determined in advance by fate, fated. (adjective)

Examples of word fateful

    • I also uploaded the userpic I've used here as one of my photos - as it is obviously my smouldering wicked temptress photo. * chortle chortle* Actually, that stare is something James should be familiar with, as I think I used it quite a bit during a certain fateful night in Klute.
    • Do you still recall the fateful night we crossed the Rio Grande?
    • Dad recalled the fateful day he lost his son to CNN ` s Larry King.
    • Those same names appeared again and again in the records, eventually acquiring a surname that recalled the fateful moment of their resurrection.
    • All-American called a fateful timeout his team did not have.


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