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What is the meaning of fault in Hindi?

Meaning of fault in Hindi is : स्तरभ्रन्शन

Definition of word fault

  • A defect; something that detracts from perfection. (noun)
  • A mistake or error. (noun)
  • A weakness of character. (noun)
  • A minor offense. (noun)
  • Blame; the responsibility for a mistake. (noun)
  • A fracture in a rock formation causing a discontinuity (noun)
  • An illegal serve. (noun)
  • An abnormal connection in a circuit. (noun)
  • To criticize, blame or find fault with something or someone. (verb)
  • To fracture. (verb)
  • To commit a mistake or error. (verb)
  • To undergo a page fault. (verb)

Examples of word fault

  • Apostles Peter and Paul, and to all the saints, that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word, and deed, _through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault_. '
  • She has by turns every fault under the sun, -- I say _fault_ only; will struggle with one for a day, and succumb to it for a month; while the smallest amount of praise is sufficient to render her incapable of deserving a word of commendation for a week.
  • A fault done nrft ia the form of a beaft, — O Jove, a beaftly fault; and then another fault in the femblance of a fowl: - — think on't, Jove, a foul fault# When gods have hot backs, what (hall poor men do? for me, I am here a Windfor ftag, and the fatteft, I think, i 'th' fbreft.
  • Its main fault is that justice repeats the offence.
  • Gradually he comes to understand their fault is his own, running away instead of confronting what he finds abominable.


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