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What is the meaning of fearful in Hindi?

Meaning of fearful in Hindi is : भयावह

Definition of word fearful

  • Frightening. (adjective)

Examples of word fearful

  • I. iii.176 (130,9) [left in the fearful guard] [W: fearless] Dr. Warburton has forgotten that _fearful_ is not only that which fears, but that which is feared or causes fear.
  • Her head held high, her expression fearful, she half expected applause.
  • But, then, two Saturdays before Christmas, 1968, I was one of three little paddyboy white kids from Brooklyn (along with Benjy and Andy, both from the same school, both in fearful awe of Alonzo the way I was, both music-freaks like me) making our way to the Fillmore East and into a sold out crowd of other paddyboy white kids ... musical thrill-seekers all, there to witness The Sam & Dave Review.
  • Now, now jwest being dumb and fearful is no way to go through life ..
  • While the behavior of a fearful dog can often be significantly ameliorated by careful training and acclimatization, on other occasions – and sometimes, despite your best efforts – a dog will remain fearful to the end of his days.
  • So fearful is its portrayal of social disease, so ruthless its stripping of the painted charms from vice, that its tendency cannot but be strongly for good.
  • And their fear-based tactics are much more powerful than ours, because theirs are based largely on claiming that short-term fearful consequences will happen.
  • We are disadvantaged by talking about longer-term fearful consequences that are harder to sell when the other side is saying, for example, that Repower America is going to make things worse "tomorrow" by causing good jobs to be lost.