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What is the meaning of federalize in Hindi?

Meaning of federalize in Hindi is : सन्धियुक्त करना

Definition of word federalize

  • To unite into a federation (verb)
  • To bring something under federal control (verb)

Examples of word federalize

    • He countered that Democrats want to "federalize" the screeners because it could add up to 28,000 more union workers to the federal payroll.
    • And when I use the term "federalize," that's what I mean.
    • Then serious financial reform can begin to be discussed, starting with steps to "federalize" the Federal Reserve and take the power of money out of the hands of private bankers such as JP Morgan Chase, Citibank or Goldman Sachs.
    • My bloggingheads talk with Greg Laden Morning dip: reading, writing, merit pay, musical spouses, swine flu, and fire towers The Canadian Press: Lung damage in fatal swine flu cases more bird flu than seasonal flu: expert How Pfizer's $2. 3B criminal settlement proves Obama wants to 'federalize' healthcare Morning Dip - Depression doubles; swine flu packs for a move north
    • If I recall correctly didn't Hitler "federalize" Germany's banks thus enabling him to cook the books?


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