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What is the meaning of feed in Hindi?

Meaning of feed in Hindi is : सहारा देना

Definition of word feed

  • To give (someone or something) food to eat, nurture. (verb)
  • To eat (usually of animals). (verb)
  • To give (someone or something) to (someone or something else) as food. (verb)
  • To give to a machine to be processed. (verb)
  • To pass to. (verb)
  • Food given to (especially herbivorous) animals. (noun)
  • Something supplied continuously; as, a satellite feed. (noun)
  • A gathering to eat, especially in quantity (noun)
  • Encapsulated online content, such as news or a blog, that can be subscribed to. (noun)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of fee. (verb)

Examples of word feed

  • August 9, 2008 at 5:45 pm eben wen ai had mai big haus before ai downsizzled ai had lots ob plants in teh pots……can move em eeezy ai always werked…….. but ai nebber had teh kiddlets at home wif ter liddel birdie moufs open…… feed me…..feed me but ai finkso yew will enjoy gettin out n about……… den ai will retire an ai kin stay home sum wen aim not trabelin buyin beads, werkin on genealology, an meetin cheezpeeps
  • Finally, since I'll often want to read the items more than the feed, I'll add a switch parameter to extract the articles. function Get-Feed ($feed = "*", $folder, [switch] $recurse, [switch] $articles) {if (!
  • Whilte you are at it, you can also adjust the title feed if you want the web browser to say something other than "Blog Name RSS Feed."
  • The address of the feed is a function of the phone number you called from.
  • Subscribing to this feed is the digital equivalent of drinking from a fire-hose.


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