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What is the meaning of feel in Hindi?

Meaning of feel in Hindi is : स्वस्थ महसूस करना

Definition of word feel

  • Alternative form of fele. (pronoun)
  • Alternative form of fele. (adjective)
  • Alternative form of fele. (adverb)
  • To become aware of through the skin; to use the sense of touch. (verb)
  • To experience an emotion or other mental state about. (verb)
  • To find one's way (literally or figuratively) by touching or using cautious movements. (verb)
  • To be or become aware of. (verb)
  • To experience the consequences of. (verb)
  • To think, believe, or have an impression concerning. (verb)
  • To receive information by touch or by any neurons other than those responsible for sight, smell, taste, or hearing. (verb)
  • To search by sense of touch. (verb)
  • To experience an emotion or other mental state. (verb)
  • To seem (through touch or otherwise). (verb)
  • To sympathise. (verb)
  • To understand. (verb)
  • A quality of an object experienced by touch. (noun)
  • A vague mental impression. (noun)
  • An act of fondling. (noun)
  • A vague understanding (noun)
  • An intuitive ability (noun)
  • Alternative form of feeling (noun)

Examples of word feel

  • As a doctor, with his finger against a pulse, is able to feel the heart rate, when I am up there speaking, I can _feel_ the reaction to what I am saying.
  • Sisters in Christ I feel an interest in _you_, and often has the secret prayer arisen on your behalf, Lord "open thou their eyes that they may see wondrous things out of thy Law" -- It is then, because I _do feel_ and _do pray_ for you, that
  • And while we believe that such efforts are praiseworthy for the reason that many persons must be first convinced in that way, still we feel that one must really _feel_ the truth of the doctrine from something within his own consciousness, before he will really _believe_ it to be truth.
  • I feel thankful for your praise of my conduct; all is going on well, but it would be needless to attempt to deny that I _feel_ the _change_, and
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