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What is the meaning of fell in Hindi?

Meaning of fell in Hindi is : मार गिराना

Definition of word fell

  • Of a strong and cruel nature; eagre and unsparing; grim; fierce; ruthless; savage. (adjective)
  • Strong and fiery; biting; keen; sharp; pungent; clever. (adjective)
  • Sharply; fiercely. (adverb)
  • That portion of a kilt, from the waist to the seat, where the pleats are stitched down (noun)
  • An animal skin, hide (noun)
  • The end of a web, formed by the last thread of the weft. (noun)
  • To stitch down a protruding flap of fabric, as a seam allowance, or pleat. (verb)
  • A rocky ridge or chain of mountains. (noun)
  • A wild field or upland moor (noun)
  • To make something fall; especially to chop down a tree. (verb)
  • to strike down, kill, destroy (verb)
  • Simple past of fall. (verb)

Examples of word fell

  • The Consumer Prices Index fell 0.2% last month - i.e. prices actually *fell*, not merely the inflation rate.
  • His kindness fell but hardly on the homeless, —fell but hardly on the homes where the hearth was not very warm, and where the food had little fragrance; where the human faces had had no sunshine in them, but rather the leaden, blank-eyed gaze of unexpectant want.
  • "About this time, too, I fell in love -- yes, _fell_ in love; for I just beheld the fair object, and I was a dead man, or a new man, or anything you will.
  • The whole amazing war happened while sheets of rain fell from the sky.
  • In the moment, the name fell from my lips—Maisie.


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