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What is the meaning of felling in Hindi?

Meaning of felling in Hindi is : पातन

Definition of word felling

  • Present participle of fell. (verb)

Examples of word felling

  • Timber exploitation remains a potential threat both in the buffer zone and in the park, particularly in the north and along the road bordering the southern boundary where extensive felling is taking place.
  • And mdeed among wild Indians, as thefe feem to be, I wondered to fee buying and felling, which is not fo ufual, nor to con«
  • Although the allocation process takes advantage of market forces, sometimes monitoring and enforcement of regulations in the permit areas by the governments is inadequate, leading to illegal practices such as felling of protected species, wrong classification of logs, felling undersized trees and transportation or removal of more logs than permitted.
  • In many places one cannot alter what they legally own such as felling adult trees etc.
  • Your axe should be a "felling" axe, of which the head will weigh nearly three pounds.


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