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What is the meaning of felonious in Hindi?

Meaning of felonious in Hindi is : साहसिक

Definition of word felonious

  • Of, relating to, being, or having the quality of felony; malignant; malicious; villainous; traitorous; perfidious. (adjective)
  • Done with intent to commit a crime. (adjective)

Examples of word felonious

    • The latest news from the ‘undisclosed location’ is that George was a difficult student and that by beginning of the second term, Dick was not allowed to call all of the shots, just the ones that do not implicate Dick in felonious behavior, like suborning perjury, conspiracy to defraud, and actions that bring the government into a disreputable reputation in regards to following the law.
    • I think there should be a criminal charge called felonious philandering.
    • But when the same crimes are committed against citizens, it is called felonious assault.
    • The only "felonious" trait I observed was a furtive glance every now and then cast around, and especially up to the gallery.
    • Tier II offenders, who have been convicted on charges such as felonious sexual assault, distribution of child pornography or paying for sex with a minor, register twice a year for life.


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