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What is the meaning of feminist in Hindi?

Meaning of feminist in Hindi is : नारीवादी{स्त्री के अधिकारों के पक्ष का व्यक्ति}

Definition of word feminist

  • Relating to or in accordance with feminism. (adjective)
  • A person who supports the equality of women with men. (noun)

Examples of word feminist

    • Ross Douthat wrote about the debate over the term "feminist" in the NY Times:
    • I feel certain that they would not use the word feminist to describe themselves, but nonetheless, they have a growing awareness of the fact that the welfare of children is often tied to the political power of women.
    • When I use the word feminist to describe myself to my sons, I do not affix any adjective or prefix—radical, global, Marxist, Amazon, post- etc.—nor do I discuss historical waves unless it comes up in a specific context such as suffrage or Roe v.
    • Douthat argues that "whether or not Palin or Fiorina or Haley can legitimately claim the label feminist, their rise is a testament to the overall triumph of the women's movement."