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What is the meaning of fermentation in Hindi?

Meaning of fermentation in Hindi is : सिर्का

Definition of word fermentation

  • Any of many anaerobic biochemical reactions in which an enzyme (or several enzymes produced by a microorganism) catalyses the conversion of one substance into another; especially the conversion (using yeast) of sugars to alcohol or acetic acid with the evolution of carbon dioxide (noun)
  • A state of agitation or excitement; a ferment (noun)

Examples of word fermentation

    • There are two main systems of fermentation, the _top fermentation_ system, which is that employed in the
    • At this writing on December 15, the fermentation is around one half complete, and everyone at Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards is very excited about their first Ice Wine.
    • By an obscure change, which we call fermentation, these may become alcohol, the great stimulant of the world.
    • The personalities of individual grape wines depend on everything from weather and temperature during the growing season to the type of yeast used in fermentation to the material of the kegs used to age the wine.
    • Malolactic fermentation is done if you are hitting a target, if you are in a diamond, where PH (acidity) must be at least 3.2, Alcohol is less than 13%, Temperature is on 16C or higher (best 18C -65F), SO2 less than 10ppm.


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