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What is the meaning of ferocity in Hindi?

Meaning of ferocity in Hindi is : प्रचण्डता

Definition of word ferocity

  • The condition of being ferocious. (noun)

Examples of word ferocity

  • Anyone notice the increase in ferocity of these things this year?
  • And ferocity is required of Ree, since she is the only one who can keep disaster from her family's door.
  • With dunks exceeded in ferocity only by the altitude of their apex, Wright lifted Dayton to heights not seen on its Ohio campus in nearly 20 years.
  • But she only redoubled in ferocity and ordered the slave girls to pinion my hands behind me, which they did; and, throwing me on my back, she seated herself on my middle and held down my head.
  • In meteorological jargon, a perfect storm is one unsurpassed in ferocity and duration a description that fits the so-called Halloween Gale of October 1991 in the western Atlantic.


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