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What is the meaning of festivity in Hindi?

Meaning of festivity in Hindi is : बधाई

Definition of word festivity

  • A festival or similar celebration. (noun)
  • An experience or expression of celebratory feeling, merriment, gaiety. (noun)

Examples of word festivity

    • One cannot help feeling that much of all this festivity is a mistake: the expenses incurred are far above the means of the parties responsible, and the effect on the Amboinese character is not beneficial.
    • "The Day of the Holy Cross is our main festivity," Claudio tells us as he makes one of his menu items, Insalate Anne - lettuce, avocado, grapefruit, crabmeat and green apples in a vinaigrette.
    • The second annual blogging festivity is going to be a little different than last years party.
    • No club festivity is permitted without the presence of a director; no young man under the influence of liquor is allowed; certain types of dancing often innocently started are strictly prohibited; and above all, early closing is insisted upon.
    • And the mixture of pain and illness with splendor and festivity, is so unnatural, that probably it is to that we must attribute that a young woman is no where so hardly judged.


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