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What is the meaning of fete in Hindi?

Meaning of fete in Hindi is : स‌ंभोज

Definition of word fete

  • A festival open to the public, the proceeds from which are often given to charity. (noun)
  • To celebrate (a person). (verb)

Examples of word fete

    • Alain and Enguerrand were ushered up the grand staircase, lined with tiers of costly exotics as if for a fete; but in that and in all kinds of female luxury, the Duchesse lived in a state of _fete perpetuelle_.
    • The fete is Oscar-like, with a daunting line of photographers and smartphone-waving bloggers and fans.
    • In a “Spoonful of Poison” a village fete is wrecked by someone lacing the jam with LSD in a competition at the fete.
    • "And she called the fete of the Rosiere a root of bitterness!" exclaimed
    • However the fete is dampened by the apparent suicide of Jack’s friend Tim Preston.
    • The preparations for this event required over a month, and it was called the fete of the camellias.
    • After a moment, he asked, “So your underlying purpose is to use the ball to bolster attendance at the fete, especially with those down from London, which in turn will greatly increase local interest, thus ensuring the fete is a resounding success?”
    • At the time of this fete, that is to say, in the middle of the month of
    • "I want it all over before our fete, which is day after to-morrow."