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What is the meaning of fetter in Hindi?

Meaning of fetter in Hindi is : श्रृंखला

Definition of word fetter

  • A chain or similar object used to bind a person or animal - often by its legs (usually in plural). (noun)
  • Anything that restricts or restrains in any way. (noun)
  • To shackle or bind up with fetters (verb)
  • To restrain or impede; to hamper. (verb)

Examples of word fetter

  • They are as stanch and resolved in their hatred of the domestic institution as when we abolished the accursed slave traffic; as when, at a vast sacrifice, both of money and of colonial prosperity, we struck the last fetter from the last English slave; as when the women of England, half a million strong, sent out a generous if not a wise remonstrance to the women of America.
  • Thursday (called in French Jeudi gras and in German fetter Donnerstag
  • It never will save a man from sin; never break a fetter, or dash away a wine-cup.
  • Wise people do not call that a strong fetter which is made of iron, wood, or hemp; far stronger is the care for precious stones and rings, for sons and a wife.
  • Shyness hitherto had been no infirmity of this young Canadian; but Bertie somehow had mesmerized her into a state of consciousness -- it was a cobwebby kind of fetter, but the first she had worn.


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