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What is the meaning of feverish in Hindi?

Meaning of feverish in Hindi is : हल्का बुखार होना

Definition of word feverish

  • In the state of having a fever, to have an elevated body temperature. (adjective)
    बुखार होने की स्थिति में, शरीर का तापमान ऊंचा होना।

Examples of word feverish

  • The No. 1 is what I call feverish in its vibrations, and would be certain to give any instrument a hollow tone, an instrument cuddled, tempered, and made to fit the ear of the expected purchaser by the experienced one who has it to dispose of.
  • I have been feeling a little cabin feverish as here in almost always sunny Phoenix we had terrible rains, flooding and trees down.
  • In those days, banking was not national, and New York and Chicago were in feverish competition.
  • And this Moroccan question, how feverish is the feeling in that momentous conclave.
  • The Brownie was soon at the door, but not so soon as Ellen, who had dressed in feverish haste.
  • When Mexican damsels reach that "hood" which permits of long dresses and big bustles, they are in feverish expectation until, during a walk or drive, a flash from a pair of soft, black eyes tells its tale and a pair of starry ones sends back a swift reply, and with a tender sigh she realizes she has learned that which comes into the lives of them all.
  • She did not sleep, but lay tossing from side to side in feverish excitement the whole night – having, in fact, a terrible battle between her own fierce passions and her newly awakened conscience.
  • He now forbore to interrupt her; she spoke in short feverish sentences, taking a mournful pleasure in thus confessing her love, in sharing with that venerable priest the secret which had so long burdened her.
  • Again, in some cases of what is commonly called feverish cold, stimulants like ammonia assist