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What is the meaning of fey in Hindi?

Meaning of fey in Hindi is : र्मूखता भरा

Definition of word fey

  • Magical or fairylike. (adjective)
  • Strange or otherworldly. (adjective)
  • Spellbound. (adjective)
  • About to die; fated; doomed; on the verge of sudden or violent death. (adjective)
  • Dying; dead. (adjective)
  • overrefined, precious; quaint, cute (adjective)
  • Fairy folk collectively. (noun)

Examples of word fey

  • April 7th, 2010 11: 28 am ET beauty must not be just skin deep cause while palin has an uglyness about her tina fey is my #1 celebrity crush
  • Having just listened to the wonderful “Chasing the Bard” by Pip Ballantine, I was off in fey realms of beauty and magic.
  • April 7th, 2010 3: 41 pm ET fey is getting desperate for some press ink. her latest movie shows she has no acting skills whatsoever and 30 rock has become repetitively boring. time to get a real job tina.
  • On March 3rd 2008, yo wrote: tiny fey is “daisy”, not “amber” which is amy pohler
  • He still looks somewhat distrait, however, and retains that wild look in his eyes which in a Highlander would mean that he was "fey" -- at least so our chief engineer remarked to me, and he has some reputation among the Celtic portion of our crew as a seer and expounder of omens.


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