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What is the meaning of fickle in Hindi?

Meaning of fickle in Hindi is : विचल

Definition of word fickle

  • Quick to change one’s opinion or allegiance; insincere; not loyal or reliable. (adjective)
  • To deceive; flatter. (verb)
  • To puzzle; perplex; nonplus. (verb)

Examples of word fickle

  • The word fickle give me that big pickle baby come on now you know you want to come on come on come on, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, baby!
  • Instead the sense was that the mood of the crowd could change rapidly; the word fickle is used in the definitions.
  • How many people does that happen to in the so-called fickle word of fashion.
  • Especially in the so-called fickle word of fashion.
  • I'm afraid most of the nay sayers to me are just plain fickle.


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