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What is the meaning of fictitious in Hindi?

Meaning of fictitious in Hindi is : बनावटी

Definition of word fictitious

  • Not real; invented; contrived. (adjective)

Examples of word fictitious

  • Mr. Picard seeks to recover nearly $300 million in what he calls "fictitious profits" and about $700 million in principal that he says Messrs.
  • In addition to $300 million in what he called "fictitious profits," the trustee is seeking return of their principal invested with Madoff.
  • He had termed the men "net winners" - Picard charged that over their years of investing they had taken out more money than they had invested with Madoff - and was seeking $300 million in what he called "fictitious profits."
  • In satire we are allowed to see ourselves in fictitious or anonymous constructs of real people (Cretinous van Poopypants, anyone?).
  • Finally, she used her VA credit card to charge the VA for $244,380 in fictitious goods and services, payable to the fictitious business account controlled by defendant.


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