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What is the meaning of fidgety in Hindi?

Meaning of fidgety in Hindi is : व्याकुल

Definition of word fidgety

  • Having, or pertaining to, a tendency to fidget. (adjective)
    फिजूलखर्ची करने की प्रवृत्ति होना, या उससे संबंधित होना।

Examples of word fidgety

  • The children around me were tending to the fidgety, which is never a good sign, until the unlikely pair sat down to dinner and the action concentrated itself in one place.
  • Gwynn said he woke up at 4 a.m., tried in vain to go back to sleep, got "fidgety," as he put it, and grew more nervous as friends and family gathered at the San Diego Padres legend's home.
  • Sources inside the investigation reveal tot mom looked, quote, "fidgety" during the coverage and downright hostile in that meeting moments later.
  • Sources inside the investigation reveal tot mom looked, quote, "fidgety" during the live coverage and downright hostile in the meeting moments later.
  • Even with his stellar credentials, Gwynn admitted he was "fidgety" before getting the long-awaited phone call. swapContent ( 'firstMainStoryPhoto', 'applyMainStoryPhoto');
  • She was "fidgety," to speak the thought of her perplexed companion.
  • "Your grandmother seems kind of fidgety this morning," she fretted to her eldest daughter, who was decorating the cupboard shelves with tissue paper of an enervating magenta hue, and indulging at intervals in vocal reminiscences of a ship that never returned.
  • The chief nurse, who had lived with more fashionable mistresses, for whom the duties of the nursery were subordinate to the business of society, pronounced Mrs. Granger "fidgety"; a very sweet lady, but too fond of interfering about trifles, and not reposing boundless confidence in the experience of her nurse.
  • He said Kachkar was getting increasingly "fidgety" and excitable, sometimes launching into peculiar Russian accents or becoming giddy like a child.