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What is the meaning of fighting in Hindi?

Meaning of fighting in Hindi is : लड़ाई

Definition of word fighting

  • Present participle of fight. (verb)
  • engaged in war or other conflict (adjective)
  • apt to provoke a fight (adjective)
  • A fight or battle; an occasion on which people fight (noun)

Examples of word fighting

  • These so-called 'Negro progress' organizations-Why, they insult your intelligence, claiming they are fighting in your behalf, to get you the equal rights you are asking for ... claiming they are _fighting_ the white man who refuses to give you your rights.
  • A Roman soldier reading this or, hearing Paul preach it, would expect him to finish the sentence by saying "_with all your fighting strength fighting_."
  • The fighting component in national 'wushu' team is called 'sanda', however that one wear boxing gloves and fighting style and rules are different, so not suitable for wingchun fighting~~~
  • your acting like a bunch of 5 yr olds..fighting about something not worth fighting about..
  • I fully expect Bush will spend the last month of his term fighting writers cramp as he pardons just about everyone he's ever worked with.


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