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What is the meaning of figure in Hindi?

Meaning of figure in Hindi is : हिसाब लगाना

Definition of word figure

  • A drawing or representation conveying information. (noun)
  • A person or thing representing a certain consciousness. (noun)
  • A human figure, which dress or corset must fit to; the shape of human body. (noun)
  • A numeral. (noun)
  • A number. (noun)
  • A shape. (noun)
  • A visible pattern as in wood or cloth. (noun)
  • A dance figure. (noun)
  • A figure of speech. (noun)
  • To solve a mathematical problem. (verb)
  • To come to understand. (verb)
  • to be reasonable (verb)
  • to enter, be a part of (verb)

Examples of word figure

  • Now, since the recurring decimal. [.9] is equal to 9/9, and therefore to 1, it is evident that, although the clown who bears the figure 1 is absent, the man who bears the figure 9 by this simple artifice has for the occasion given his _figure_ the value of the
  • Hence, when we acquire the idea of solidity, we acquire at the same time the idea of FIGURE; and this idea of figure, or motion of _a part_ of the organ of touch, exactly resembles _in its figure_ the figure of the body that occasions it; and thus exactly acquaints us with this property of the external world.
  • Reason it rocks: The fact that the main figure is screaming his throat raw with the headliners of the issue is enough for me.
  • The narrative, spelled out in the program, tells the story of the title figure, a rebellious spirit who leads his fellow gladiators against the oppressive army of Imperial Rome.
  • Here, Piper as he is mostly known is now a powerful general, and discovers something about his past, who he is, and a powerful sorcerer or two including the title figure as he is ordered into the field by a waning Patriarch to make war on the infidel.


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