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What is the meaning of fill in Hindi?

Meaning of fill in Hindi is : संतुष्टि

Definition of word fill

  • A sufficient or more than sufficient amount. (noun)
  • An amount that fills a container. (noun)
  • The filling of a container. (noun)
  • Inexpensive material used to occupy empty spaces, especially in construction. (noun)
  • Soil and/or human-created debris discovered within a cavity and exposed by excavation; fill soil. (noun)
  • To occupy fully, to take up all of. (verb)
  • To add contents to (a container, cavity, or the like) so that it is full. (verb)
  • To enter (something), making it full. (verb)
  • To become full of contents. (verb)
  • To become pervaded with something. (verb)
  • To satisfy or obey (an order, request, or requirement). (verb)
  • To install someone, or be installed, in (a position or office), eliminating a vacancy. (verb)
  • To treat (a tooth) by adding a dental filling to it. (verb)

Examples of word fill

  • These witnesses are what I call the fill-in-the - color chart.
  • Martzke: AL fireworks put network's broadcasters in 'fill' mode.
  • If one acre of fill is exceeded, an Individual Permit will be required.
  • Perhaps the most crucial post to fill is the job of secretary to the governor, the equivalent of chief of staff.
  • "The question remains whether this trend offers women an opportunity to secure a higher position on the ladder," the report said, with the alternative being that men will again fill the jobs they left when the market recovers.


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