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What is the meaning of fingers in Hindi?

Meaning of fingers in Hindi is :

Definition of word fingers

  • Plural form of finger. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of finger. (verb)

Examples of word fingers

    • Somebody calls it _fingers_, and that is just what it is, long fingers of dawn, always pale, always gray and white, stealing in and around my pillow for me.
    • Yes | No | Report from wildcaller11 wrote 15 hours 18 min ago gloves that cover your fingers is the only way to go
    • That seemed to stump all of them for a minute, so I had time to tap on the number 6, followed by the word fingers , then I pushed play so they could all hear my answer.
    • Peter, yep, licking your fingers is an essential part of this dish!
    • M. Gutmann is a pianist with a neat but somewhat cold style of playing; he has what one calls fingers, and uses them with much dexterity.
    • Photograph: Felicity Cloake for the Guardian fish and chips proper (by which I mean not involving the word fingers until tragically late in life, in part because of a shameful childish antipathy towards things with fins, but mostly because I'm embarrassingly middle class (coq au vin, yes.