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What is the meaning of finical in Hindi?

Meaning of finical in Hindi is : नकचढ़ा

Definition of word finical

  • Finicky, fastidious, overly precise or delicate. (adjective)

Examples of word finical

  • With each of your volunteer help of 4 hours this July collecting signatures from your neighbors and finical donations, the citizens of Portland will hold Sam Adams accountable for willfully lying to us to get elected, orchestration of an elaborate cover-up and abusing the power we granted him.
  • For all over-rhythmical writing is at once felt to be affected and finical and wholly lacking in passion owing to the monotony of its superficial polish.
  • This medicare buy in is payed for by peoples premiums, it does nothing to the finical state of medicare for old people.
  • The Regulations people talk about are the regulations on the finical sector that would of prevented the finical crises if they had not been removed.
  • The reasons there is such a problem now is that we removed government regulations causing a finical crises; and the GOP spent away our surplus on wars, and tax cuts to wealthy people who thn in turn speculated in assets expanding the bubble.


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