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What is the meaning of finished in Hindi?

Meaning of finished in Hindi is : सिद्ध

Definition of word finished

  • Processed or perfected. (adjective)
  • Terminated; over; done for. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of finish. (verb)

Examples of word finished

  • After his term finished in January, Schwarzenegger recently announced that he would be returning to the silver screen.
  • The title finished No. 3 domestically see below, and its weekend global take stands at $23.1 million ...
  • The way to get around it would be for him not to take his seat until his term finished I suppose.
  • The offer was accepted and the term finished without
  • They were fighting for the second time after their first bout for the title finished in a draw in May last year in Italy.


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