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What is the meaning of finishing in Hindi?

Meaning of finishing in Hindi is : समापन

Definition of word finishing

  • Present participle of finish. (verb)
  • the act of completing something (noun)
  • shooting ability (noun)

Examples of word finishing

  • A third deputy, Muliaman Hadad, has his term finishing in coming months.
  • What I will say in finishing is that if you loved the high octane fight scenes with slow-motion effects thrown in of Transformers 1 then prepare yourself for a visual feast and go and see this movie.
  • And I think commenting on a book you had no interest in finishing is entirely legit: that's a damning commentary on the book, that you didn't care enough to finish ... and that's important to know.
  • I went to work in what they called the finishing room over here.
  • His finishing is deadly and the sky is the limit for him.