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What is the meaning of fire in Hindi?

Meaning of fire in Hindi is : हुताशन

Definition of word fire

  • A (usually self-sustaining) chemical reaction involving the bonding of oxygen with carbon or other fuel, with the production of heat and the presence of flame or smouldering. (noun)
  • To set (something) on fire. (verb)

Examples of word fire

    • The fire itself is referred to as the ‘fire incident.'
    • A stranger might suppose the buildings on fire, but not a blaze is within, the object here, as in bacon-curing, being _smoke_, not _fire_.
    • For example, utter the words: "A house is my fire," and observe the comparative duration of time in the pronunciation of each word, the comparative stress, and the relative pitch (e.g. of _a_ and _fire_).
    • On her return, seeing her mistress on fire, she immediately gave an alarm; and some people coming to her assistance, one of them endeavored to extinguish the flames with his hands, _but they adhered to them as if they had been dipped in brandy or oil on fire_.
    • Sioux cheti “to build a fire, ” chewati “I build a fire”; shuta “to miss, ” shuunta-pi “we miss.
    • But, a final objection is raised, as on this view of the matter the elements -- earth, water and fire -- which are eaten and drunk, are already tripartite, each of them containing portions of all, and thus are of a threefold nature, how can they be designated each of them by a simple term -- _earth_, _water_, _fire_?
    • By morning the repair was accomplished, the leak was stopped, and in thirty hours the fire was again in the boiler; _and all the time the south wind blew so mildly that there was not the least need of a fire_.
    • The fire admits of easy regulation, the ashes may be removed and the fuel may be supplied without _checking the fire_.
    • It remains, then, that you be committed to the fire, which shall consume the light materials; for our God, to those who can comprehend heavenly things, is called a _consuming fire_.
    • If we find _agni_, meaning fire, in Sanskrit, and _ignis_, meaning fire, in Latin, we may safely conclude that _fire_ was known to the undivided Aryans, even if no trace of the same name of fire occurred anywhere else.