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What is the meaning of fireplace in Hindi?

Meaning of fireplace in Hindi is : भट्टी

Definition of word fireplace

  • an open hearth for holding a fire at the base of a chimney (noun)

Examples of word fireplace

  • BAXTER (_going slowly to fireplace and placing his hat down on urmchair below fireplace_).
  • _crosses up angrily and looks off through the window up_ L. _above fireplace, then comes down_ L. _of the Chesterfield to the front of the fireplace_.
  • The fireplace is a plus in those very cool Patzcuaro evening and mornings.
  • The fireplace is also an essential aspect of a Victorian styled living room and one made with stone or even polished marble accentuates the already classic feel.
  • And where a fire/fireplace is present (as apposed to a radiator), this will affect the position of the TV and the furniture!


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