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What is the meaning of firman in Hindi?

Meaning of firman in Hindi is : राजा का परवाना (आज्ञापत्र

Definition of word firman

  • A royal decree issued by a sovereign in certain historical Islamic states, especially by the Sultan of Turkey. (noun)
    कुछ ऐतिहासिक इस्लामी राज्यों में विशेष रूप से तुर्की के सुल्तान द्वारा एक संप्रभु द्वारा जारी एक शाही फरमान।

Examples of word firman

  • The French missionaries had, in fact, a narrow escape of expulsion through the hostility of the Russian Government, which even proceeded to the length of extorting a firman from the late Shah prohibiting Christians from changing their religion.
  • "Show me the forgery you dare to call the firman of his sublime majesty, the sultan."
  • In consequence, the present firman, which is ornamented at the head with our 'Hoomaioon' (sign-manual), and emanates from our Imperial
  • Officially, Elgin obtained a 'firman' from the Ottoman authorities but when the British Parliament asked to examine it, he couldn't submit it.
  • His presence calmed the storm at once and he sternly bade Ibrahim to obey the "firman," on peril of his own head.
  • Mohhammad Ali replied that he would release all the prisoners, upon which, Sir Moses said his desire was to have the guilty punished, and requested therefore a "firman" to go to Damascus.
  • In reply to his application for a simple "firman" to go to Damascus, the
  • Success attended him, and the pacha, his predecessor, having in his opinion, as well as in that of the sultan, remained an unusual time in office, by an accusation enforced by a thousand purses of gold, he was enabled to produce a bowstring for his benefactor; and the sultan's "firman" appointed him to the vacant pachalik.
  • 'firman' from the Porte, was commended to the famous ambassador Lord
  • The Christian sects began to squabble among themselves, which they continue to do to the present day, and in 1767 the Sublime Porte issued a firman dividing the church among the disputants.