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What is the meaning of fish in Hindi?

Meaning of fish in Hindi is : व्यक्ति

Definition of word fish

  • A cold-blooded vertebrate animal that lives in water, moving with the help of fins and breathing with gills. (noun)
  • Any animal that lives exclusively in water. (noun)
  • The flesh of the fish used as food. (noun)
  • A period of time spent fishing. (noun)
  • An instance of seeking something. (noun)
  • A card game in which the object is to obtain pairs of cards. (noun)
  • A woman. (noun)
  • An easy victim for swindling. (noun)
  • A bad poker player. (noun)
  • A makeshift overlapping longitudinal brace used to temporarily repair or extend a spar or mast of a ship. (noun)
  • Torpedo (noun)
  • Of or relating to fish; piscine; ichthyic. (adjective)
  • To try to catch fish, whether successfully or not. (verb)
  • To try to find something other than fish in (a body of water). (verb)
  • To attempt to find or get hold of an object by searching among other objects. (verb)
  • To attempt to obtain information by talking to people. (verb)
  • Of a batsman, to attempt to hit a ball outside off stump and miss it. (verb)
  • To attempt to gain. (verb)
  • To repair a spar or mast using a brace often called a fish (see NOUN above). (verb)

Examples of word fish

  • Meat, poultry, and fish• Place raw meat, poultry, or fish in a covered dish to keep the juices from dripping onto other foods, and store it in the back of the refrigerator.
  • The schooners make three trips to the banks of Newfoundland in a season; the first, or spring cargo, are large, thick fish, which, after being properly salted and dried, are kept alternately above and under ground, till they become so mellow as to be denominated _dumb fish_.
  • -- According to the quantity of fat it contains, fish may be divided into two classes: _ (_a_) dry, or_ lean _fish_, and _ (_b_) oily fish_.
  • Fish may also be divided into two classes, according to the water in which they live, fish from the sea being termed _salt-water fish_, and those from rivers and lakes _fresh-water fish_
  • Thus, _All fish are cold-blooded_, ∴ _some cold-blooded things are fish: _ this is a sound inference by the mere manner of expression; and equally sound is the inference, _All fish are warm-blooded_, ∴ _some warm-blooded things are fish_.


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